GDISC (General Directors' Immigration Services Conference) was initiated by the Dutch in 2004, during their EU Presidency. The UK took on the role of Chair of GDISC in late 2009. From 2011 to 2013, Sweden chaired the Conference. Then Norway took over for 2014. In 2015 and 2016, Switzerland chaired the Conference. Since January 2017 Germany is chairing GDISC until the end of 2018.

GDISC is an informal network to facilitate practical cooperation between Immigration Services in Europe. The GDISC network consists of the 28 EU Member States, three EU candidate countries (The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey), the potential EU candidate Bosnia and Herzegovina and three Schengen-associated countries (Iceland, Norway and Switzerland).

GDISC has the aim and ambition of:

  • Being a network in principal for General Directors or Directors General of Immigration Services throughout Europe;
  • Initiate, co-ordinate and improve practical co-operation between Immigration Services responsible for the implementation of migration and asylum issues in Europe;
  • Provide a flexible response to changing migration patterns in Europe;
  • Being a platform for exchanging experiences, best practices and building up networks of experts

GDISC is involved in a large number of areas related to migration including, but not limited to, asylum, managed migration, return, management of Immigration Services, resettlement, migration and integration. For specific information on current GDISC projects within these areas please visit projects.

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