Annual Conference 2014

The 11th Annual Conference of GDISC was hosted by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees at its headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany. The conference was held underthe Norwegian Chair.

The Annual Conference provides an opportunity for the Directors General of GDISC's Member States to meet in an informal setting and discuss common challenges and possible solutions. 



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Report from the 11th Annual Conference

The 11th Annual Conference of GDISC was hosted by the Federal Office for Migration and ...


Communication Workshop

Public Relations: transparent and efficient communication with diverse stakeholders in order to ...


A new way to get to know and serve your customer

On 22-23 May 2014, the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service hosted the first GDISC ...

GDISC Members

During their Presidency of the EU in July 2004, the Netherlands held a Conference in Rotterdam titled ‘Immigration Services Together in the New Europe’. The Conference was aimed at General Directors of European Immigration Services. During this conference it was concluded that there was added value in face-to-face contact with European counterparts and the General Directors agreed to meet every year. A network was established in order to facilitate practical cooperation. This network was named GDISC: General Directors’ Immigration Services Conference.

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