22nd Steering Group Meeting Dublin

The 22nd Steering Group Meeting was hosted by the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service in Dublin on October 9-10.

On the first day of the Meeting participants were introduced to Change Management in the UK civil service by key note speaker Peter Thomas, Senior Fellow at the UK Institute for Government. The second day provided updates on the GDISC Projects and Development, discussion of the use of the GDISC Fund and the Work plan 2015, reflections on the Norwegian Chairmanship and an overview on the Swiss priorities.

The meeting documents are available to the meeting attendees and the National Contact Points on the restricted area of the GDISC website.

Labour Immigration Workshop Oslo

The GDISC Labour Immigration Workshop was hosted by the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration in Oslo. It gathered labour experts from all around Europe to share best practices and discuss common challenges. Patrick Taran, the key note speaker of this event, started off the Workshop by raising important questions regarding demographic imbalances, future labour scarcities and other critical factors that help improve labour migration policies  He also gave an evaluation of different initiatives to attract skilled migrants and their success factors.

Hopefully in 2015 a follow up Workshop can be organised this time under the Swiss Chairmanship. If you have any thematic preferences for the next Labour Immigration Workshop please inform the Swiss National Contact Point (Michael.braun@bfm.admin.ch with copy to gdiscsecretariat@udi.no). 


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Labour Immigration Workshop

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Steering Group Meeting Dublin

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GDISC Members

During their Presidency of the EU in July 2004, the Netherlands held a Conference in Rotterdam titled ‘Immigration Services Together in the New Europe’. The Conference was aimed at General Directors of European Immigration Services. During this conference it was concluded that there was added value in face-to-face contact with European counterparts and the General Directors agreed to meet every year. A network was established in order to facilitate practical cooperation. This network was named GDISC: General Directors’ Immigration Services Conference.

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